Introduction: Native Christian Narrative Discourse

Spirituality and History

Indian Spirituality: Another Vision
James West

Who Can Sit at the Lord’s Table? The Experience of Indigenous Peoples
Rosemary McCombs Maxey

An Aboriginal Christian Perspective on the Integrity of Creation
Stan McKay

Rivers of Life: Native Spirituality for Native Churches
Paul Schultz and George Tinker

The Old Testament of Native America
Steve Charleston

Liberation and Culture

Reclaiming Our Histories
William Baldridge

Canaanites, Cowboys, and Indians: Deliverance, Conquest, and Liberation Theology Today
Robert Allen Warrior with responses from William Baldridge and Jace Weaver

Vision and Community: A Native American Voice
Vine Deloria, Jr.

Spirituality, Native American Personhood, Sovereignty and Solidarity
George E. Tinker

Native Americans and Evangelization
Marie Therese Archambault

Tradition and Community

Remember the Sabbath Day
Kim Mammedaty

The Challenge of the Future: Creating a Place Called Home
Alberta Pualani Hopkins

Program Development and Native American Catechesis
Kateri Mitchell

The Sacred Circle: Native American Liturgy
John S. Hascall

The Meeting of the Two Ways
Adrian Jacobs

The Native American Church of Jesus Christ
Emerson Spider, Sr.

Transformation and Survival

The Story and Faith Journey of a Native Catechist
Juanita Little

Karol Parker

Plucked from the Ashes
Clem Bear Chief

Two Paths
Tweedy Sombrero

The Native Church: A Search for an Authentic Spirituality
Laverne Jacobs